The training of Hungarian astronaut candidates is now underway

The Hungarian astronaut candidates talked about their training, with Gyula Cserényi, With Tibor Kapu, Schlégl with Ádám and With András Szakály radio Kossuth on Sunday afternoon Towards space in his program – reports MTI. It was also said in the broadcast that all four of them can participate in the third training phase of the Hungarian astronaut program Hungarian to Orbit (HUNOR).

In the first, they learned about the history of space exploration, the activities of the space agencies, and the mission, and in the second, they got an insight into the disciplines necessary during the trip – cosmology, earth science, rocket physics, physiology. In the third phase of the training, the candidates acquire profession-specific knowledge about, for example, the international space station, and also get involved in research and development work.

All four of them have already obtained their small aircraft pilot’s license, they also completed aerobatic training in November, they participate in swimming exercises during their physical preparation, and a dietitian monitors their nutrition. They will soon travel to the United States, where further training awaits them. One of the most important will be the centrifuge training, during which they will simulate the exact force effects on a person during launch. In addition, they get to know the modules and devices of the space station with the help of a life-size model, but they are also trained in first aid in the microgravity environment.

In the program, they also talked about the fact that the scientific experiments planned for the thirty-day stay will soon begin to be learned. The applications for some of these have recently closed, so the selection and decision about which ones will be included in the program is still ongoing. previously conducted an interview with the four astronaut candidates, where they revealed more exciting details about their training. The conversation can be read below:

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