As predicted, French automaker Renault has unveiled the electric Twingo concept car, which gives a glimpse into how Renault envisions a budget electric car in Europe for the foreseeable future. The goals are ambitious enough – Renault plans to offer this car to customers in 2026, but its price should be below 20 thousand euros.

Renault also promises very high efficiency – the manufacturer reports that it will be their most efficient model, consuming 10kWh to travel 100 kilometers. High efficiency is, of course, one way to ensure greater driving distance on a single charge without equipping the car with large, heavy batteries.

Other technical parameters are not known yet, but the car will most likely be built on the new CMF-BEV platform. It is used in the construction of two other new Renault electric cars, Renault 4 and Renault 5, which will arrive at customers within the next two years.

Renault CEO Luca de Meo says that this car is Renault’s answer to the cheap Chinese electric cars that are entering Europe very quickly, but the car itself will be developed in a record time – less than two years. Let’s see how it will affect the quality… Renault wants to prove that they can develop new cars as fast as their Chinese competitors.

The new Twingo is designed as an urban vehicle, and CEO de Meo rightly points out that you don’t need a 2.5-tonne car to lug one person’s rear around. He also refers to the ‘kei car’ cars popular in Japan, from which Renault drew inspiration.

In the next couple of years, a wave of new, cheaper electric cars is expected – this Renault Twingo, as well as several models from the brands of the Volkswagen group, possibly also a new Tesla model.