That’s how many chances you have to win the lottery

On Saturday, the winning numbers of the lottery of five were drawn again, but the amount did not find an owner this time either. According to the data of Szerencsjáték Zrt., this is the 28th week in a row that the country has remained without a winner.

Since no one has had a winning ticket since July 29, 2023, the amount of the expected prize keeps increasing, so HUF 6.166 billion will be earned in the draw of the 7th week of 2024, due next Saturday.

This is one of the biggest sums in the history of the Hungarian 5s lotto, the only bigger prize than this happened in March 2020, when HUF 6 billion 431 million was won.

What are our chances of winning?

Since the possible amount is getting bigger and bigger, many people start filling out the forms even though they have never done anything similar before. In order to be able to say what the chances of winning are, a probability calculation is needed.

According to the rules of this, the number of favorable cases must be divided by the total number of cases, which in the case of the lottery of five is as follows: 86x87x88x89x90/1x2x3x4x5. As a result, a total of 43,949,268 coupons would have to be purchased and filled out in order to cover all possible variations.

This would cost HUF 17,579,707,200 based on the current HUF 400 coupon.

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