SpaceX is partnering with Amazon to put competing Kuiper satellites into orbit

It is known that “” is not the only company working on satellite internet service. One of the most serious competitors in this field is “”, which launched the first two Internet test satellites of “Project Kuiper” in October. In total, the company plans to put more than 3,000 Internet satellites into orbit over the next six years. Surprisingly or not, Amazon wants to accomplish this task with the help of its biggest competitor, SpaceX.

Amazon and SpaceX have reportedly begun a partnership to launch the Kuiper internet satellite. According to Amazon’s report, the satellites are planned to be launched on SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch vehicle. A total of three launches are planned from early to mid-2025. The details of the financial side have not yet been disclosed.


Of course, SpaceX isn’t the only one that will help Amazon put Kuiper satellites into orbit. Amazon has also announced partnerships with space companies such as Arianespace, United Launch Alliance and Blue Origin.

In the first half of 2024, Amazon plans to actively start placing Kuiper Internet satellites in orbit. This project is planned to be completed in 2030, placing 3,200 satellites in low Earth orbit, which will require about 83 launches. The company estimates that the total cost could reach around 10 billion US dollars.

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