On Friday last week, November 17, the board of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developer “” came out with a loud announcement. It ruled that CEO Sam Altman should be fired because he had not been “consistently open in his communications with the board, impeding its ability to fulfill its responsibilities. Therefore, the board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue to lead OpenAI”. OpenAI Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati has been appointed as the company’s interim CEO with immediate effect.

It must be admitted that the dismissal of Sam Altman was quite an unexpected decision. He was the face of the company and represented OpenAI at various events. Also, only on November 6, the first developer conference of “OpenAI” was successfully held, where Altman gave a keynote speech. On the other hand, the day before his dismissal, on November 16, he represented the company at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference.

The firing of Sam Altman raises many questions about the company’s future. For now, it’s pretty clear that Microsoft, which has invested billions in OpenAI, will continue its long-term partnership with the company.

It should be noted that shortly after the announcement of Sam Altman’s dismissal, “OpenAI” co-founder Greg Brockman announced that he would resign from the position of chairman of the board. True, he will not leave the company altogether.