NVIDIA dominates data center GPUs and artificial intelligence

Wells Fargo has conducted a market analysis, which has revealed that it currently dominates the data center segment when it comes to graphics cards that provide artificial intelligence.

Nvidia currently occupies 98% of the market, basically leaving a very small share to competitors AMD and Intel. Nvidia GPUs are already rated as the most reliable and secure products to power artificial intelligence. According to the estimates, the company had a turnover of 37 billion dollars in this business in 2023, while the forecast revenue for this year will be 45.7 billion.


Interestingly, until September 2023, the revenue was only 15 billion dollars, which means that Nvidia has had a very productive last quarter of the year. It is expected that AMD could reduce the overwhelming dominance with its graphics cards, but this reduction will be relatively small. Nvidia’s market share could drop to 96%. AMD is known to have received 3.5 billion orders for the upcoming MI300 AI accelerator.

The forecast suggests that Nvidia will continue to maintain its overwhelming dominance. Around the corner is the new Blackwell GPU, whose production is affected by TSMC’s lack of resources. TSMC is also preparing to make additional investments to be able to produce the required amount of graphics cards for Nvidia and the industry.

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