Mozilla Monitor will help you fight for your privacy

Mozilla has launched a new subscription service that will help people find and delete their information from data merchant sites across the wide web. Mozilla Monitor now includes the ability to delete phone numbers, e-mails, home addresses and other information that is shared on the sites of data merchants and sold for profit.

Offered as part of (formerly Firefox Monitor), this new service can initially be tried as a free service that notifies you when an email has been part of a data breach.


The new add-on and optional subscription, Monitor Plus, will allow more than 10 million existing Mozilla Monitor users to scan their personal information for leaks and then provide users with the tools to make that information private again.

Currently, the process of extracting information from data merchant websites can be complex and cumbersome. Most sites have an opt-out option, where you usually have to fill out a form to request deletion of your information, or sometimes you can contact the merchant directly to request deletion. But people often don’t know which website is using their information or how to go about the deletion process.

Mozilla Monitor aims to make this process easier by searching for information and presenting it more conveniently on 190 data merchant websites. The process can take anywhere from a day to a month, notes Mozilla. This feature is part of the new $13.99/month Monitor Plus subscription, which drops to $8.99/month if you buy an annual subscription ($107.88/year). Free users will be offered a one-time scan of data merchant sites, but will have to follow steps to manually delete their information.

USA News Today