IVECO unveils the new S-Way, a vehicle that continues what was started by its extremely successful predecessor and introduces new advanced features and safety technologies, as well as a new engine with increased efficiency. At the same time, the first heavy truck with an electric drive – S-eWay, which is completely produced by IVECO’s own forces and provides an alternative solution for regional transportation, is also presented.

Fuel consumption efficiency among the best in the class

IVECO S-Way offers a wide selection of power units to meet a wide variety of needs. The new xC13 Cursor diesel engine is equipped with the latest powertrain technology, such as a twin-flow turbine, ultra-high pressure fuel injection (2500 bar), new, lighter cylinders, crankshaft and camshaft, intelligent auxiliary equipment, and reduced internal friction.

In the most powerful configuration, the engine develops up to 580 hp and 2,800 Nm of torque, while the 500 hp variant with 2,600 Nm of torque is ideal for maximum efficiency in long-distance missions, as it provides up to 10% lower fuel consumption. In addition, additional features and professional services can increase fuel efficiency by another 4%.

GPS-Predictive is now also able to recognize turns and roundabouts, adjusting cruise control speed accordingly. The Eco driving mode is optimized with gear shifting strategy, torque availability, EcoRoll and will be controlled remotely by telematics.

The weight of the engine has been reduced by 10% – it is now even lighter than the discontinued Cursor 11, while the durability standard has been raised to 1.6 million kilometers, which is 33% more than the previous model.

The new engine is mated to a 17xHE Meritor axle and a faster reduction gear, which together with a responsive ZF 12-speed TRAXON Gen2 transmission provides even smoother traction. The new gearbox includes several important updates, such as Shift Assistant, which synchronizes gear changes and engine braking.

The new IVECO S-Way offers greater fuel efficiency and performance also in the natural gas version, which provides 500 hp and 2,200 Nm of torque, and at the same time 10% lower fuel consumption. The impressive performance is complemented by the environmental benefits of natural gas, namely a reduction of up to 90% in CO2 emissions when running on biomethane and a significant reduction in noise compared to an equivalent diesel vehicle.

The first electric

S-eWay, the first electric truck independently produced by IVECO, provides a mileage reserve of up to 500 km. It is powered by an innovative battery system consisting of nine 82 kWh batteries with a total capacity of 738 kWh.

Fast charging with a power of up to 350 kW allows the S-eWay battery to be charged up to 80% in 90 minutes. For the purposes of testing the advanced thermal management system, these batteries have been tested under real-world conditions, subjecting them to extreme temperatures from -30 to +50°C.

The S-eWay 4×2 tractor unit is powered by an eAxle with two motors that deliver 480kW of power and 1800Nm of torque. Its compact design allows all battery modules to be housed in the chassis. This arrangement allows IVECO S-eWay operators to take full advantage of the length of the trailer and minimize the turning circle radius. Six regenerative braking modes help maximize efficiency while giving the driver more control over drivetrain performance.

Driver-oriented interior

In the cabin, excellent working and living conditions are ensured by the new interior design and the customizable front panel with different materials and colors, as well as a fully digital cockpit with TFT instrument panel, infotainment system and mirrorless rear view cameras.

IVECO S-Way is characterized by an excellent seating position, but in the new model, engineers have made the seat even more similar to a passenger car, thus further improving the driver’s comfort. This has been achieved with renewed ergonomics, a smaller, more upright steering wheel, as well as a much wider steering wheel adjustment range. The electric parking brake with automatic activation further expands the interior space.

Visibility is an important factor for heavy trucks, and in this area the IVECO S-Way excels with large windows, a low instrument panel and large mirrors. The new mirror camera option gives the driver even better visibility. In addition, these aerodynamic cameras mounted above the doors provide fuel savings of up to 1.5% compared to standard mirrors, thanks to less air resistance.

New technologies

Innovative technologies play an important role in the new IVECO S-Way cab. A graphically rich 10- or 12-inch digital instrument panel provides the driver with information about the vehicle, and the screen can be configured according to individual preferences.

With the all-new and fully reconfigurable 10-inch infotainment system display, multimedia and other important car functions are at the driver’s fingertips. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide access to all apps on the driver’s smartphone, and the new system allows two phones to be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth.

The IVECO Way-Range now includes a full range of Level 2 Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS), which is a big step forward in terms of both safety and driving comfort.

The top-level driving assistance system Drive Assist is powerful support for the driver on long journeys. The new Highway Assist system helps the driver maintain his position in the center of the lane – if the camera detects deviations from the trajectory or the capacitive sensors detect that the driver’s hands are not on the steering wheel, the active steering system keeps the car in its lane. Adaptive cruise control with the Stop&Go function ensures the maintenance of a fixed set speed, maintaining a safe distance to the vehicle in front, and also automatically stops the vehicle in traffic jams and ensures its movement resumes.

In addition to this, the entire Way-Range range is equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features, including Blind Spot Monitoring and Motion Start Information System to protect nearby vulnerable road users, Driver Drowsiness Detection System, Intelligent Speed ​​Assist and Alcohol Interlock System.

Professional Safety Report uses the new ADAS complex to provide more comprehensive automatic reports and help the driver to drive even safer. The IVECO Driver Pal voice assistant is now fully integrated into the infotainment system to allow the driver to use his voice to control functions. The Easy Way app is loaded with time-saving and productivity-enhancing features, such as a digital to-do list, remote control of various features, and an interactive user guide.

The greatest investment of all time

IVECO S-Way offers a comprehensive range of services designed to maximize vehicle uptime and efficiency, driver safety and environmental protection, thereby improving customer productivity and profitability. IVECO aims to provide customers with a complete mobility solution that perfectly meets their requirements.

With its largest investment to date of €1 billion, IVECO has renewed its entire range of products and services for the first time in its history.