IKEA offers the services of a rather silly artificial intelligence designer

IKEA has started employing an artificial intelligence architect, which should facilitate the selection of furniture, but this time it turns out that, at least for now, IKEA’s digital architect is in the role of a failure.

The IKEA AI Assistant tool is designed to provide ideas and suggestions, the exact room plan is unlikely to be able to be planned so quickly by this artificial intelligence tool. IKEA AI Assistant uses DALL-E 3 imager together with GPT-4 for visualizations.


At this point, it is mentioned that in most cases the IKEA AI Assistant tool tries to direct the user to the IKEA website and a couple of articles already written on a similar topic. Instead, we’d probably expect more visual solutions from the IKEA AI Assistant tool. Also in this coma, the IKEA AI Assistant tool is capable of something, but it is not clear whether the images are actually generated, or if the IKEA AI Assistant tool grabs them from somewhere in the IKEA catalog.

The IKEA AI Assistant tool is really able to provide meaningful answers to individual questions, such as the choice of waste bins, by showing what is on offer. For the very popular KALLAX series of shelves, the IKEA AI Assistant tool was indeed able to create a GPT-generated image with all the tags indicating the involvement of artificial intelligence in the creation of the image.

Maybe sometime in the future IKEA’s AI Assistant tool will really make sense and be able to make furniture selection easier, but for now it is at best a digital toy for a few minutes.

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