Ferrari is testing the Tesla Model S Plaid in preparation for the launch of its first electric car

Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari is preparing its first electric model, which should reach the doors of wealthy customers within the next couple of years. While the development of the car continues, Ferrari engineers have decided to look around to see what solutions are used in one of the currently fastest electric cars on the market – Ferrari is testing the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Of course, the Italians are far from the first to come up with such a thought, many automakers do. It is in the matter of electric cars that Tesla’s solutions have been studied, analyzed and attempted to be copied with some regularity. Until recently, the Model S Plaid held the Nürburgring lap record for a production electric car, only to be beaten by the facelifted model of the Porsche Taycan.


Although Ferrari is traditionally associated with insanely fast, powerful, low sports cars, this car manufacturer has to some extent obeyed the market trends and offers what the customer wants – Ferrari launched its first SUV called Purosangue on the market, but the electric model is a natural development and follow-up probably. The Modena-based supercar manufacturer is certainly inspired by Porsche’s success, with the Taycan quickly gaining popularity among customers.

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