Dyson’s latest futuristic hair dryer looks like a drain pipe

When people hear the name Dyson, the first thing they think of are battery vacuum cleaners with rather bright colors (but very easy to use), but the British manufacturer also has special devices, just think of the headphones integrated with the air purifier, or the hair styler, which is the Coanda effect makes it possible to avoid extreme heat that damages the hair by making use of a physical flow phenomenon known as These devices have now been joined by an improved version of the Supersonic hair dryer, the Supersonic r, which the manufacturer unveiled at the New York Fashion Week.

While the Supersonic, which debuted in 2016, attracted attention mainly with its price (~160,000 forints), the new version does the same with its rather unique shape, as it looks like a drainpipe that has been painted blue. Dyson was rather tight-lipped about the capabilities of the new product, but what is certain is that the weight of the Supersonic r has halved compared to its predecessor, which will be good news especially for hairdressers who use such devices for hours. It is also a significant step forward that the special heads that can be connected to the hair dryer are now also equipped with RFID chips.

The advantage of this is that, by recognizing the different chips, the hair dryer’s software adjusts the motor’s performance to the chosen accessory (of which at least four different ones are included with the device), thus ensuring the optimal air flow and temperature for the given head. According to the manufacturer, it is also possible for users to customize the settings for each accessory, which can even be saved so that they can be accessed again later.

At the same time, it is not worth visiting the store to inquire about the special hair dryer, because the Supersonic r is currently only sold in the United States, specifically for hair sculptors, and even they have to sign up for a waiting list to get it, which is offered for 570 dollars (~205,000 forints). for specialty.

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