Chaos reigned at OpenAI, the world’s leading artificial intelligence development company, after they changed CEOs twice in one weekend.

The situation got even worse on Monday: by four o’clock in the afternoon Hungarian time, 505 employees announced that they would resign if the board of directors did not resign and reinstate them Sam Altman to the CEO, as well as Greg Brockman co-founder as president, reports Wired.

The process by which Sam Altman was terminated and Greg Brockman removed from the board endangered the jobs of all of us and undermined the mission of our company. Your behavior has made it clear that you are not capable of leading OpenAI

– reads the announcement.

It is interesting that he is among the signatories Ilya Sutskever, the company’s senior researcher and board member, who many accuse of having coordinated the coup against the former CEO. The specialist wrote about the accusations on social media, regretting that he participated in the decision of the board of directors. Next to him, he is among the signatories Mira Murati who just took Altman’s place in the velvet chair on Saturday.

The workers’ demand is quite strange in light of the fact that Satya NadellaMicrosoft CEO announced that Altman and Brockman will join the tech giant to lead a new advanced artificial intelligence research unit.

Many of the company’s employees are threatening to join Altman at Microsoft, which could cause an awkward situation because Microsoft is the largest investor in OpenAI.