Why was Polách detained in Brno? It ensures continuity and a willingness to push the team

Despite the poor autumn performance of the Zbrojovka football team in the hands of coach Tom Polch. Bval zlonk, led by the club, proved the intensity of his thorns, which he still not always works hard to prepare the team. Especially in the first spring of autumn, I told the team many times that I was grossly dissatisfied with their individual approach to the thorn, explains sports manager Zdenk Psotka.

I’m sorry to say that it would deviate from the training standard. I don’t know that I would have done anything differently. I just want the boys to thorn like they’re playing in the savior. So that it always has intensity, so that we simulate a rescue situation, and we want maximum deployment after them, the lake confirms especially the change in approach.

Why was Polách detained in Brno?  It ensures continuity and a willingness to push the team

Soccer player Zbrojovka Brno slav gl.

Psotka had to get around Polcha by name in front of the club board, and the key factor was internal club continuity. During the year we started the process of building the theme, and Tom brought us the first feeling of continuity and connectedness of the youth with the main theme. We didn’t want to mess with what had worked so far. So we made the changes around one certainty, which is Tom Polch first, explains Psotka.

In addition to the continuing assistant Josef Mucha, Polch will have a new management team at hand, enriched by the current goal trio Vlastimil Hrubho in the position of goal coach and new conditioning coach Jakub Fikar. The guys have been doing their job for a while, but the team needs a new drive and impulse. Today you need a lot of you in the thorn, the maner explains.

The main changes are yet to come, especially in the rear parts of the lineup. He filled the winter transfer window with the manager, but he does not want to reveal the specific names yet. eme the entire defense. We have players there who are quite injured, we need to build such a new team here. The guys there have been in need of oxygen for a long time, avoid being named, answered Psotka.

The team is currently testing Ghanaian stopper Foster Gyamfi, and goalkeeper Dominik Svek from Plzeň has joined the team. But the fans have to go to see the names.

Slow down

But what the manager does not hide is his final image of darkness. According to him, he understandably does not yet have the parameters to fulfill his long-term goal, i.e. to even fight in the first league. My vision is that the A team should be made up of 50% pupils, showing clubism and a sense of pride from fighting for their own team, which brought them to big football and gave them their first involvement, he refers to the choice of Polch, or the first team he is a supporter of space for young people and just like young people.

Why was Polách detained in Brno?  It ensures continuity and a willingness to push the team

Fans of Zbrojovka Brno, support your favorite during the derby against Lni.

The other ten percent, and that is the largest number of bikes for the winter transitional period, are experienced guys who may or may not be from Brno. The key moment of the autumn was that as soon as we had to confirm the role of the favorite, we often couldn’t stand the situation. There was no one there as a leader to pull it down, he led it with one hundred percent power to the rapture. The only one who did this was Kuba ural, and he got hurt. We need a game like this now, develop your love of manaer.

And the last twenty percent are foreign games. It’s a soccer trend setting healthy competition for home games. Foreigners, in addition, drink a lot of other aspects, he gave the dimension of football. And now we’re going to close like that, adds Psotka.

Polch will look at the first stanza for now. I have a very good time here. Those guys need time and complicity. However, I am convinced that the players who are able to prove it are here and it is now up to the club if they want to do it. Sometimes it is a fierce battle of philosophies, whether to build a team, prepare for one or two seasons, or is promotion necessary brown. However, my instruction is now clear: get the pucks that will give them the opportunity to win the league. This is how we confirmed it again when signing the new contract, explains Polch. It’s a wheel assembly. The pressure to progress will help to shape the game in such a way that in Psotka it is possible to both develop girls and fight for position advancement.

Zbrojovka now continues in the darkness of rebuilding connected with a change in the ownership structure of the club. The Portiva Group confirmed the receipt of a minority stake and an option to purchase another 61 percent of the shares, which it intended to exercise in a few months.

Kondin signed from West Ham

New condition of Zbrojovka Jakub Fikar In particular, he has to eliminate the tendency of the team to get injured, which has plagued Brno footballers for several seasons.

This was based on the fifth approach of the game to the thorns. Not always and certainly not all, but the game was bred before the thorn and after it, I saw huge reserves there. We started to work on it gradually, introduced new rules, and the first flimsy health clause probably resulted from the fact that the boys did not take care of themselves enough, analyzes the cause of all the injuries, sports manager Zdenk Psotka.

The new conditioning coach, who cooperates externally with, for example, English West Ham in the Premier League, is the result of the club’s new cooperation with Masaryk University. During the fall, we made an agreement with Dr. Michal Hrub and Jan Cack, Dean of the Faculty of Sports, to collaborate. Kuba Fikar is also a product of this faculty, to Psotka, with the fact that his collaborators will especially help Zbrojovce find other collaborators.

We would also like to hire a fitness coach and a physical therapist. We have a top professional Ivan Jnskho here, but we only have him on a half-tie basis. It is not only a sports club, but also an economic one. Our finances are not infinite. The skilled adepts recommended by them will test them with a narrow tie, and the moment we see how it will help them and it will bring results in the form of well-mannered games, we will take them on permanently, elaborate Psotka’s idea.

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