Vlad Dascălu Risks Suspension. The Cyclist With Chances Of An Olympic Medal, In The Attention Of ANAD For Three Violations

The doctor and paralympic coach Sorin Maticana confirmed that the athlete qualified for the 2024 Olympics could be suspended because he was not found at the location by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) after three controls.

“Being the contact person between ANAD and the Romanian Cycling Federation, I am still waiting for a verdict. The anti-doping rules say you have to make yourself available, not just be at that address. I mean, if you’re at home with your headphones on and listening to music and the WADA commissioner knocks on the door and you say you didn’t hear him, that’s no excuse. You have to make yourself available. According to the legislation, the suspension is imminent in this situation”, said Sorin Matican, for Sport Total FM.

For her part, Elisabeta Lipă, the president of the National Sports Agency, stated that “Vlad Dascălu’s situation is incomprehensible”.

COSR credited Vlad Dascălu with good chances at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, where it was hoped to win a historic medal for Romania.

Holder of the gold medal at the European Games in Krakow in 2023, Vlad Dascălu finished in 7th place at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, 15 seconds from the podium.

PHOTO: Vlad Dascălu (Facebook)

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