The boys should be ready for the match and play, the football coach said to the sinners

Is it a big professional and human disappointment for you, coach?
When I found out, it was a big disappointment and a big complication for me. Hri apologized and left the meeting. I know that this will not affect the preparation for the second rescue.

How was it explained to them that they had set out to go to the disco so long ago?
They were also pepadl, they apologized to the darkness, but that’s just bland. They realized what they had done. They were terribly sorry, but it happened and he must bear the consequences.

And there are two defenders missing from the starting line-up.
The complication for us is that we are going to lie to ourselves, the boys should have been prepared to save and play. I don’t know that we have enough quality games here, which is a substitute.

There is a belt for advancement. How to choose a game board?
Remza would cost us a bit of progress, but don’t worry about it. Let’s see how the rescue will develop. Obviously, we want to go forward, be active, give goals and save decisions, even when we know that the competition will respect each other. He lost one match in the qualification, just like us, and their results were very good.

Can this incident help me in the sense that the ride will be closed?
We know how to make determined progress, not to think that we are replacing something here. We want to Euro.

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