Super Bowl | The halftime show offered a lot of stars, a headliner with his shirt torn off, and roller skates

American Over the decades, the Super Bowl halftime show, which culminates the NFL’s billion-dollar football season, has grown bigger than the game itself.

This is not even an exaggeration. Having returned from a long hiatus last year at the Super Bowl Rihanna’s performance was watched by a larger crowd than the actual game.

This year, the honor of headliner went to an r&b star Usher.

The viewers were excitedly waiting for, among other things, who or who would be a guest at Usher’s performance and which song the star would start with.

Visitors in the end there was quite a lot of stars. Usher joined by Alicia Keys, Jermaine Duprin, to HER, Will.i.amin, Lil Jon’s and By Ludacris.

The difference in this respect was huge compared to last year, when Rihanna was only accompanied by her backing dancer.

The main star started out wearing an all-white outfit, the shirt of which got caught in the middle of everything. At one point, during the costume change, roller skates also appeared on the feet of Usher and the dancers.

The 13-minute long performance started somewhat surprisingly with a lesser-known one Caught up with the song and culminated in the big hit of the early 2000s To yeah.

To local as usual, the pre-match traditions also include patriotic songs.

The song “America the Beautiful” was performed with an acoustic guitar by a rap artist Post Malone. The US national anthem was performed by a country star and actor Reba McEntire.

After the first half, the San Francisco 49ers led the Kansas City Chiefs 10–3.

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