Super Bowl | The conspiracy theory related to Joe Biden and Taylor Swift is talking in the USA – the president responded

Americans Conspiracy theorists made claims before Sunday’s Super Bowl that the Kansas City Chiefs were set to win. In the background was a wild chain of thought, according to which the arrangements are made for a new presidential term Joe Biden in support of.

Those cultivating conspiracies had “knowledge” that after the victory, the star player of the Chiefs Travis Kelce girlfriend Taylor Swift would announce his support for Biden in this year’s presidential election.

Pop megastar Swift supported Biden in the presidential election four years ago.

Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl that went into overtime.

After this, President Biden joked to the conspirators on X, formerly Twitter.

Biden’s publication had the text: “Just as we prepared”. It also featured an image of Biden’s eyes manipulated to emit red light.

Not everyone was amused by the joke.

Swedish newspaper Expressen says that Biden called the Prime Minister of Israel on Sunday Benjamin to Netanyahu and said that Israel should not conduct a military operation in southern Gaza without a plan to protect civilians.

Israel struck. Depending on the sources, the number of fatalities ranged from 37 to over a hundred.

Many at X were extremely critical of Biden for choosing to joke on social media about the Super Bowl while Israel was killing people in Gaza.

In Lemmenloim a basking Swift celebrated after the Super Bowl with Kelce under her arm. The concern did not weigh, even though the pop star has found himself in the middle of a tough power game.

Rolling Stone -lehti writes about an aspiring president Donald Trump’s citing close sources that Trump will start a “holy war” against Swift, if the pop star supports Biden.

The next US presidential election will elect a president for the term 2025–2029. Election day is November 5, 2024.

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