Skiing | Sauli Niinistö joked about skiing

Republic president Sauli Niinistö showed good situational awareness of the Norwegian VG’s in an interview when he took cross-country skiing as a joke.

In the interview, Niinistö talked about the Russian president, among other things About Vladimir Putin and Finland’s presidential election that will be held on Sunday. However, he made a small wish for Norway in the form of a joke.

Norwegian men in particular have dominated the skiing competitions, and Niinistö was hoping for a change in that.

“It’s perfectly acceptable for the best to win in cross-country skiing, but could the Norwegians let second, third and fourth place be? It would be nice for the Nordic brotherhood,” Niinistö said.

The story mentions that although Niinistö has an eye for skiing, his actual sport is skating. Niinistö is a familiar sight on outdoor ice, and in addition, roller skating is close to the man’s heart.

“I skate all year round. The most spectacular trick was probably when I was roller skating in Tehran. It caused quite a bit of confusion,” Niinistö recalled.

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