Skiing | Harri Kirvesniemi found only one small tactical error in Kerttu Niskanen’s skiing

Kerttu Niskanen gave a strong sample of his fitness in Canmore, Canada, in the World Cup competition. Niskanen skied second in the 20 kilometer (p) joint start competition. Only the last part took Sweden Frida Karlsson was stronger than Niska.

Delivery ski expert Harri Kirvesniemi said Niskanen had been strong from the beginning. According to his assessment, Niskanen relied on his traditional strengths.

The top two took care of keeping the pace. Skier after skier fell off the ride.

“Skiing in Keula looked easy. The two who worked the most were the ones who ran away. With their appropriate pace, they scorched the rest of the group along the way to the point that the others could no longer follow,” said Kirvesniemi.

According to Kirvesniemi, only one small tactical beauty flaw was found in Niskanen’s skiing.

“The final descent should not have started from the front under any circumstances. When Karlsson passed the last corner on the shelf of the stadium, he should have skied behind and tested the pees by throwing past on the final straight,” said Kirvesniemi.

“Even that would hardly have been enough, Karlsson is in such good sprint condition. But it was a bit of a doomed tactic to start from the front.”

In skiing there will be no value races this year, so the success of the world cup will be the stake in the races at the end of the season. Niskas has both the overall cup and the so-called long-distance cup in the game.

Kirvesniemi drew attention to the fact that Niskanen greedily chased the kirimaals along the way, for which World Cup points were awarded.

“It shows that the overall race is interesting. There is still a way to third place, but it is by no means impossibly far,” Kirvesniemi estimates.

Before leaving for North America, Niskanen missed the World Ski Championships in Vantaa. Kirvesniemi said Sunday showed that the solution was right.

“It may not be visible only for this weekend, but for the rest of the season as a whole. He was able to do some normal training, with which he will hopefully be able to maintain his level until the World Cup finals. Kerttu has contracted drastically compared to other Finnish skiers. Yes, skipping it was definitely a sensible decision.”

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