Scholarships | The Paralympic Committee was not late this year – the ministry distributed sports grants of 40 million

Teaching– and the Ministry of Culture (OKM) granted national and regional sports promotion organizations general grants of a good 40 million euros. OKM said in its announcementthat a total of 115 organizations received grants this year and the total amount was exactly 40,581,960 euros.

From sports service organizations, 6.4 million euros were allocated to the Olympic Committee and 2 million euros to the Paralympic Committee. Last year, the Paralympic Committee missed out on assistance, as the organization’s application was delayed by one day.

The Balloliitto received the biggest grant of the sports federations, more than two million euros. The Ski Association & Ski Sport, the Ice Hockey Association, the Floorball Association, the Sports Association and the Gymnastics Association received a pot of over one million euros.

Grants from sports organizations received savings of three percent, i.e. a total of 1.27 million euros, from the state grant cuts according to the government program.

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