Presidential elections | Teemu Selänne published a picture of his celebration – this is how the sports people congratulated Stubb

Even before the second round of the presidential election to the election debate a drifting former hockey star Teemu Selänne celebrate when by Alexander Stubb (kok) choice seemed certain.

Selänne published a picture of her party in X. What attracted attention in the picture were the cigar and whiskey bottle visible on the table.

“The Finnish people have spoken, let the party begin. Congratulations to our wonderful new president and his entire team. Good luck and success in a demanding task. Respect”, Selänne wrote.

Selänne already defended Stubb’s choice on election day, a little before the end of voting.

“Whatever happens, we will have a great president,” Selänne said in his publication in X on video.

After this he began to praise Stubb.

“Alex has a long and great experience in different sports: ice hockey, golf, triathlon… It’s something you can’t teach. That discipline, hard work, perseverance, faith, overcoming adversity and injuries. All of that is something you have to experience yourself and find a way to survive yourself. It will also help Alex as president,” Selänne said.

In addition, the puck legend brought up the army.

“In today’s world, having been and completed military service is, at least for me, a very important matter of the heart.”

Finland Chairman of the Olympic Committee, from a coalition background Jan Vapaavuori sent his congratulations To Alexander Stubb (cook).

“I wish you wisdom and protection for the great task!” he wrote in X.

Athletics coach, member of the coalition’s council group in the Pori city council Jussi Ihamäki published a picture of the voting situation shortly after the preliminary votes were announced.

“The future Mr. President of the whole of Finland,” Ihamäki wrote.

“Good luck and success in a demanding task,” he added later, when Stubb’s victory seemed certain.

Astrologer Antti Mäkinen joined the front of well-wishers during the evening.

“Our country will get the best possible continuation of the President’s line chosen by Niinistö. Congratulations Mr. President Stubb.”

Former player of the men’s floorball national team Lasse Riitesuo congratulated Stubb on X.

“Good luck Suomi – Good luck Stubb”, he wrote and also praised Haavisto’s great campaign.

Former figure skating peak Kiira Korpi was the candidate of the electoral association, supported by the greens Pekka Haaviston on the side of. Korpi was actively supporting Haavisto’s campaign.

“I think both of the remaining candidates are skilled foreign policy makers and smart people. I think Haavisto is a better candidate for the role of president right now, because he has a very wide and long experience in local politics and his style is thoughtful, calm and humane,” Korpi wrote on Instagram on Sunday’s election day.

“I appreciate his deep experience as a peace mediator and his quick decision-making ability in difficult situations.”

Also a narrator legend Tapio Suominen announced that he was in favor of Haavisto.

“My candidate lost, but I can perfectly live with this result. Hopefully Stubb’s election slogan, the unifying factor, will catch on with the rest of us. You can lose with dignity and win with style,” he wrote in X.

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