Presidential elections | Göran Stubb, 88, is a truly rare Finn: Only the second father to see his son become president

OF THE REPUBLIC the next president by Alexander Stubb55, father Goran Stubb88, is only the second Finnish father to see his child become president.

Lauri Relander (president 1925–1931) father, agricultural adviser Evald Relander got to see part of his son’s presidency before he died, but the fathers of our other presidents had died before their children became presidents.

Göran Stubb has become known as a Finnish hockey influencer. He worked in management positions at HIFK in the 1960s and 1970s and was also prominent in international ice hockey. He has worked for decades as an NHL talent scout in Europe. Göran Stubb has been ennobled as Finnish ice hockey lion number 82.

Göran Stubb and his fiancé, an actor-singer Pirkko Mannola85, were actively supporting and following Alexander Stubb’s election work.

WHEN the result of the early voting was announced on Sunday, Stubb first hugged his nuclear family and then Mannola and his father. Later it was confirmed that Stubb would become the new president of the republic.

“A few minutes after this was revealed, I didn’t really realize it. It’s unbelievable. I’m certainly proud of the boy,” Göran Stubb said after the result was revealed.

Mother of Alexander Stubb Christel Stubb died in 2008.

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