Octavian Udriște, the “father of the Bucharest metro”, died. The former president of the CS Rapid rugby section was 88 years old

Octavian Udrişte, president of the CS Rapid rugby section for three decades, has died at the age of 88, the white-cherry group announces on its official website.

“On Monday evening, the engineer Octavian Udrişte left us, an enlightened mind, specialist in the railway field, known as the ‘father of the Bucharest metro’. For his special merits in the construction and development of the metro, Metrorex announced last fall that the Timpuri Noi station will be renamed and will receive the name of Octavian Udrişte. In addition to the development of the Bucharest metro, Octavian Udrişte was for 30 years the president of the rugby section of CS Rapid. He came to Rapid in 1965 and led the rugby section until 1995. He supported the emergence the Locomotiva club, the most prolific nursery of Romanian rugby, a project thought up by Vasile ‘Mao’ Constantin. Under the leadership of Octavian Udrişte, a cluster of rugby teams appeared alongside various entities subordinated to the Ministry of Transport. There was even a high school championship and professional schools with a railway profile”, it is mentioned on the cited website, according to Agerpres.

Octavian Udrişte stated in an interview given last September that he regrets the decline of rugby within CS Rapid. “Today, rugby has declined a lot, unfortunately. It used to be a sport that we used to fool around with. This decline is related to the totally wrong policy that is carried out in schools in relation to the sport”, said Udrişte, who made the team for a long time with Cornel Burada, former rugby player, president of FR Rugby and Minister of Transport.

CS Rapid sends its condolences to the family of Octavian Udrişte, who would have turned 89 on April 18, 2024.

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