Marathon world record holder Kiptum died in a traffic accident

Kiptum’s Rwandan coach Gervais Hakizimana also lost his life in a car accident in western Kenya. According to the police, the car driven by Kiptum failed to stay on the road late Sunday evening and after the vehicle overturned, the two occupants of the vehicle died at the scene. There was also a woman in the car who was injured in the accident and taken to the hospital.

Considered one of the greatest runners, Kiptum broke the world record last year at the Chicago Marathon, finishing in two hours and 35 seconds. Last week, Kiptum’s team announced that the runner will try to complete the distance in less than two hours at the Rotterdam Marathon in April, which no one has yet managed under the conditions of the competition.

After the death of Kiptum, the father of two children, condolences were expressed by both Kenyan state officials and the president of the international athletics umbrella organization “World Athletics”, Sebastian Ko.

Kiptums ran the marathon for the first time only in 2022, but four years before that he made his debut in high-level competitions, starting in flooded shoes, because he could not afford them himself due to his poor hands.

USA News Today