Mainly castles! How Pilsen goalkeepers Staněk and Pavlát cheer and write

It’s actually an ideal day. In the afternoon, go to football, where we will do our best to win. Time to tune in and then go to hockey. I hope that Domno will also lock it there and both teams will win, he announced in the original double interview for Viktorie Stank’s website.

She and Pavlt got married at the age of two. We both wrote to each other on Instagram, but then we had a coffee and that’s how it came about, the football legend recalled. We sing almost every day, especially before and after each meal. Let’s also watch the videos, let’s break it down a bit, Pavlt revealed. And when you are away, let’s hold a meeting and discuss in private, added Stank.

Pavlt’s football game is only tasted during the summer training, when the hockey player regularly plays several exhibition duels. I don’t think it’s a full five, I know how to kick me. But I catch sleep, even in football I prefer to climb into the goal.

Mainly castles!  How Pilsen goalkeepers Staněk and Pavlát cheer and write

Boleslav player Pavol Skalick (28) caused a stir in front of Plzeň goalkeeper Dominik Pavlt (39)

Stank, you have to mix it up with hockey. I prefer to play tonka on ice, I have no problem with that. When I get in between you, I’ll catch you and say mm is also good, but I really don’t know how to kneel and slide…

Both goals soon flashed in the natural darkness. Stank helped the football team advance to the European Championship, Pavlt zeroed in on the Karjala tournament in Finland yesterday, and in five weeks he will appear at the second Euro Hockey Tour event for the first time in the past.

Of course, it would be great to get to the world championships in Prague in five years, but there are too many circumstances. Any day I would like to hit myself in the dark, and I’ll tell Jindra that, said Pavlt.

That Stank is a little bit better at the Euro, which ends in July of the year in Germany. But the nomination day is not guaranteed. It will depend on how well it goes.

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