Indoor rowing | Joel Naukkarinen made another ME result in the indoor rowing marathon

Finland number one indoor rower Joel Naukkarinen set another world record in the indoor rowing marathon. This time the record performance took place with so-called slides, which are used under the rowing machine to bring the feeling closer to rowing in the water, the release states.

Naukkarinen’s marathon record was set in 2:18:54.8. The previous world record was held by Olympic silver medalist and world champion in track rowing, China Liang Zhang’s in 2021 rowed

“This was an excellent general practice for the Indoor Rowing World Championships in a few weeks. There will be five competitions over the course of two days, so endurance is needed,” Naukkarinen states in the press release.

Naukkarinen also has a world record without slides. He rowed in January with a time of 2:20:06.9.

The indoor rowing world championships will be decided in two weeks, on the 23rd-24th. February, in the Czech capital, Prague. Naukkarinen is the reigning world champion of the Versa Challenge competition format.

As a rower and Naukkarinen, known as a doctor, just returned from a three-week training camp in Gavirate, Italy, where he was preparing for the upcoming Olympic qualifiers.

“It was important to be able to row on the water, when Kymijoki is unfortunately too frozen. Last week I accumulated 36 hours of training, which is how I knew that my endurance has improved even more”, says Naukkarinen in the press release.

Naukkarinen, representing Tako Soutaji, is a ten-time indoor rowing World Cup medalist and a four-time EC medalist. Naukkarinen is also a prize medalist in coastal rowing, as he reached the World Championship bronze in 2022.

Naukkarinen is one of Finland’s top names in the Olympic classes, and he has announced that he is aiming for a place at next summer’s Paris Olympics.

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