Ice hockey | The passing lanes were found even with the side eye when Joker’s Alexander Forslund shined in Turku

Point per game pace is often used in ice hockey as a measure of a player’s strong mood. With the central striker of the Jokers With Alexander Forslund it is clearly exceeded in Mestis: In the match against Tuto, Forslund also increased his assists to a rate of one per game.

In the match that ended in a 6–5 victory for the Jokers in the match for the winning goal, Forslund showed off his passing skills twice in the opening set. First he served a cross pass To Emil Kuuslawho scored the Jokers’ first goal.

After Tuto’s equaliser, Forslund’s pass helped Jokerit take the lead again when Forslund served the pass Leevi to Lemberg. Lemberg was able to enjoy his hit into the gaping Tuto goal.

“Yes, it felt good. Even the fact that I saw with the side eye that Leevi came behind”, Forslund said about the pass.

Already in the second period, Forslund’s third assist point of the match was in the statistics for a while, but in the fourth goal of the Jokers, Forslund did not touch the puck, even though he was involved in the attack.

In the end, the 26th serve in as many matches was seen in the third set, when Forslund dug out the opening win, after which Oskari Kalajanniska with this 5–3 lead goal.

“Now it has gone well. When you get to play with good friends, you’ve found good radar pairs,” said Forslund.

Kuusla and Lemberg, the scorers of the first set, played against Tuto in the same chain as Forslund.

Forslund, 22, is a graduate of the ice hockey school in Espoo, who left Kiekko-Espoo for Lahti Pelicans at the age of 19. In Lahti, games were played both in the U20 series and in the regular season of the SM league for half a season. In addition, Heinola’s Peliittoje Mestis team became familiar in the previous two seasons.

In the opening match of the season, Forslund scored the first goal of the Joker’s match against Mestis. Four more goals have been scored this season, but the assist statistic is where Forslund is at his strongest.

“I’ve always liked to feed. Maybe that’s what I’m playing with. I’m more of a passer in terms of my playing style.”

Forslund’s the strong pace is primarily due to December. In eight matches, Forslund has collected 12 assist points. There were thus 14 assists in the first 18 matches.

In Turku, the passes did not lead to a full point pot, when Tuto leveled at the end. In the contest for the winning goal, the Jokerit scored an extra point.

“It’s a bit sad. Three points were up for grabs. But it was a good fight and a good two points.”

Jokerit plays its last match of the year on Saturday against Forssa Palloseura in Kerava. After the turn of the year, the games continue at the Helsinki Ice Hall on January 4 against IPK.

Tuto–Jokers 5–6 VL

On the rise: Joker’s streak continues to stretch. The streak of six point games is the team’s longest of the season. The victory was the fourth in a row for the Jokers.

In the bill: Care at the last minute. A good five minutes before the end, the Jokerit took a two-goal lead, but it wasn’t enough for a full point pot. Before Tuto’s equalizing goal, the Jokers had a chance to break the puck in the defensive zone, but the opportunity was wasted.

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