Ice hockey | Russia does not accept the treatment of its national hockey team – accuses it of discrimination

Russian Ice Hockey Federation (RIHF) report that he is disappointed by the recent decision of the International Ice Hockey Federation, according to which Russia and Belarus may not participate in international tournaments in the 2024–2025 season either.

The IIHF meeting is described in the press release of the Russian Federation as discriminatory already because Russian representatives could not attend the meeting.

“The RIHF believes that the decision to close the Russian national teams has been lobbied by representatives of certain ice hockey associations who fear additional competition in international ice hockey,” the Russian Federation’s press release states.

The recent decision published on Monday evening means that Russia and Belarus will not be seen at the spring 2025 World Cup, which will be held in Sweden and Denmark. Belarus cannot participate in the Olympic qualifiers starting in August either.

Russia’s participation in the Milan 2026 Olympics will be decided later. The last time the country appeared in an international prestige tournament was at the Beijing Olympics 2022, when it lost to Finland in the final match.

USA News Today