For Bertans, going to Hornets opens up better opportunities, the team’s chances in the season are minimal

Bertans had few opportunities to play in the NBA this season, but in the new team he . Davis is a capable offensive player, and his trump card, namely shooting, has not gone anywhere. Davs needed minutes on the court, but he did not get them in Oklahoma City, so naturally there were no shots and no points scored. In the first game in Charlotte, he immediately got almost 12 minutes on the floor, and Bertan lived up to his reputation by hitting three of five long-range shots.

Dāvis described his exchange transaction very professionally and measuredly. In a conversation with American journalists, he said that there were signals from the management of “Thunder” about possible changes, and the general manager did not hide it from the players. It wasn’t the first time for Davs either, , – almost exactly two years ago, he was involved in the exchange, as a result of which Bertans moved from Washington to the Dallas “Mavericks”, while Kristaps Porzingis went in the opposite direction. In February 2022, the two Latvians were traded for each other in the NBA.

Bertans thus knows how things happen in such cases, and he was even able to give advice to his teammate Vasilije Micic, who moved to Charlotte from Oklahoma City together with the Latvian.

Davja’s previous team “Thunder” is among the strongest in the league this season and claims a place in the playoffs, but “Hornets” is in the exact opposite situation.

Charlotte is one of the weakest teams in the NBA, and even a miracle may not be enough to qualify for the playoffs. “Hornets” have 11 wins and 41 losses, but they are 13 wins short of 10th place in the conference, which would allow them to fight for a place in the playoffs at the end of the regular season.

The Hornets are also considered one of the weakest organizations in the entire league. It entered the NBA in 2004/2005. 2012 season as the Charlotte Bobcats, and since then the team has only been able to reach the playoffs three times, never getting past the first round. Reorganizations took place regularly in the team, which have not ended even now. The owner and largest shareholder of “Hornets” was NBA legend Michael Jordan for 13 years – he grew up in the state of North Carolina, where Charlotte is located. Last summer, Jordan sold his property shares in the club for about three billion dollars, but the team has not been successful on the basketball court for many years.

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