Football | Newspaper claim: Manchester City is planning to buy a club in Finland – HIFK in the sights?

English club Manchester City has been owned by the United Arab Emirates since 2008. In the 2013–14 season, City Football Group (CFG) was formed, which manages numerous other clubs owned by the company in addition to Manchester City.

Currently, CFG owns or is part owner of 13 clubs around the world. In addition to Europe, clubs can be found in South America, Asia and Oceania. Among the clubs on the old continent, next to City, the most famous is Girona, who played a strong fall in the Spanish league.

The financial investments of City’s owners have raised questions about the legality of the operation and compliance with the rules. For example, the European Football Association (Uefa) has investigated the club’s use of money. In February 2023, the Premier League announced that it suspected City’s owner of rule violations related to financial management. According to the league, there are as many as 115 violations from the period 2009-2018 on CFG’s sin list.

Although City’s financial management is currently under the magnifying glass, the club has continued to operate as normal. According to recent information, the club plans to expand its club network to new countries. Coach of the junior academy in Turkey Mustafa Alper Avci tells Ajansspormagazine in the interview, that CFG plans to acquire a club from three countries. According to Avc, these are Turkey, Finland and South Korea.

“Hopefully this will come true and we will get an exemplary model for our country,” Avci said.

Avc’s mention of Finland is interesting. Among the Finnish clubs, at least HIFK has held negotiations with foreign parties. The finances of the Helsinki club have been in trouble for a long time and the club management has been looking for investors from Finland and the world.

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