Football | HJK beat Sweden’s big club – Topi Keskinen’s hit sparked a discussion, the club responded on social media

HJK went to play a training match against Hammarby from Stockholm on Sunday. HJK won the match played at the Tele2 arena with 2–1 goals.

Hammarby, who plays in the Swedish premier league Allsvenskan, started scoring in the 61st minute from a penalty kick, but HJK leveled up Topi Keskinen thanks to the fine paint. Keskinen received a vertical pass from the transfer to HJK this season From Noah Pallasran towards the goal, misled the defender and finally shot the ball almost into the roof of the goal.

Video of Keskinen’s goal on Discovery’s X account:

Keskinen’s hit sparked a discussion on Discovery + Sport’s X account, where a video of the goal was shared. A few users who commented on the video were of the strong opinion that the goal was clearly offside.

“Only five meters offside,” one user commented in Swedish.

“Clear offside,” another wrote.

The video does not show whether Keskinen was offside at the time of the pass. After the match, HJK shared a photo on their own X account, based on which Keskinen did not seem to be offside.

“Clean papers and a parrot mark for the jury”, the club wrote in connection with the update.

The match the winning goal was seen in the 81st minute. Anthony Olusanya shot the penalty kick surely into the goal.

Video of Olusanya’s goal on Discovery’s X account:

The story was updated on 11.2. at 17:07: Added information about the update shared by HJK in X.

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