Football | A lightning strike killed a football player in the middle of the game – a chilling video is going viral

Football friends were shocked on Saturday in Indonesia when a player collapsed on the pitch and died in the middle of a match in Bandung, West Java province.

A chilling video of the incident is spreading, showing how lightning strikes one of the players directly during a practice match between 2 FLO FC Bandung and FBI Subang. The player immediately collapses on the grass, and the startled teammates rush to see what happened.

The victim of the lightning strike was a 35-year-old man from Subang, West Java. Indonesian of PRFM News he was immediately rushed to the hospital, but was later pronounced dead.

You can watch a video of the situation from this link.

Case is not the only one of its kind, because during the previous year there have been at least three cases where lightning has struck a football player. In Indonesia alone, the incident was the second in a short time.

Halfway through last year, during a tournament for under-13s in Bojonegoro, East Java, lightning struck a young player. The young man suffered a cardiac arrest, but he was revived in the hospital, SportBible tells.

Last June, a man working on a football field in the state of New Jersey in the United States was struck by lightning, but his pulse was also restored with prompt treatment.

It didn’t go as well for the Brazilian Caio Henrique de Lima to Goncalves21, who died in December from injuries sustained in a mid-game lightning strike.

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