Ferrari’s wasted win? I thought the victory was ours, admitted Leclerc

Leclerc was often the fastest man on the track. Although he had a penalty for entering from pole position in the first stop on Max Verstappen’s car, the latter received a five-point penalty for his aggressive maneuver.

The Dutchman started to overtake the Ferrari, but Leclerc caught up to him before the first pit stop and even overtook him.

That hinted at what form Ferrari is in Vegas. Pezout started five laps later than Verstappen, so he should have had a clear lead in the rest of the lead.

Just after the collision between Verstappen and Russell, a second safety car came onto the track, both Red Bulls put on new tires and Leclerc lost a potential advantage.

Not long ago, I was really convinced that the relationship was ours. Bohuel then went onto the track with a speed bump, Max and Checo (Prez) broke off and stayed on their hard tires for five laps, Leclerc said after the race.

It doesn’t seem like much, but when the tires cool down behind the safety car, it’s inconvenient because it’s hot in these conditions. At that moment we lost the lead, he said.

Ferrari was often unable to keep its tires at an optimal temperature in the leads, and compared to the competition it suffered from blisters, due to which it often had to go to the pit lane several laps later.

Ferrari's wasted win?  I thought the victory was ours, admitted Leclerc

Max Verstappen battles for position with Charles Leclerc during the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Cool Vegas, however, the Italian cold sat down and reached further after Carlos Sainz’s win in Singapore.

Just a bad timing of two single-seaters and maybe a bad strategy decision not to call Leclerc to the car to change the tires cost Ferrari the win.

We don’t know what Max and Checo will do. If they hadn’t stopped, even if they had, I would have found myself behind them and both Red Bulls would have passed. When I look back, I would stop again, but I know how they decided, so it’s easy to talk back about it, Leclerc didn’t blame the darkness.

Even Pesto Monaan had a great fight with both rivals in the last fifteen laps. He even led for a while, but in the end Verstappen took over the lead and when Leclerc made a mistake in one of the pit stops and braked, he fell to this place and behind Prez.

But Mexian did not leave Leclerc, Monaan still struggled within one second and could thus use the DRS auxiliary system. And in the last round, he managed to at least put up a wall.

On the long straight, he caught up with Preza, released his foot from the brake before the left-hand stop and took second place.

I didn’t ask him that. He was seven tenths of a second behind me, but suddenly he was in the braking zone right next to me. Congratulations to him and Max, Prez congratulated both riders.

Ferrari's wasted win?  I thought the victory was ours, admitted Leclerc

Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Sergio Prez after the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

I took advantage of the seduction. Of course, I’m a little sad that we only ended up together, I gave it my all. But in the final it was probably the best we could achieve, admitted Leclerc.

Although the Grand Prix started with two unsuccessful rounds, the qualifiers and the draw became a great opportunity for the fans.

So, Vegas would not be missing much, and the seduction could also end up with another non-routine flight. Five weeks in Ab Zab, Ferrari and the other eight teams will have to dethrone Red Bull from the top tier.

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