Nikola Noskov

Noskov, she won the Czech titles in the ace and one in the power lift, this season she led for two Polish teams – the defunct Zaaf and from August for Massi-Tactic. Last week, she announced her return to training and joined the Czech MultiSport Coaching team from Jablonec. Now I am sure of the angam for the power of the leads.

Stepping into the Cofidis Darkness is a godsend. I wanted to be a part of a good team that is equipped with spades and avoids temptation. Cofidis sings it well, said Noskov. Cofidis is not one of the WorldTeams, it has a Continental license, but it received an invitation to the first race. Together with Nosková, the junior world champion from France, Julie Begov, sent it today.

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