Comment | Taylor Swift’s lover was a winner in the Super Bowl, but also a childish loser

When the season of the billion-dollar league of American football, the NFL, reaches its final climax in the Super Bowl, always eschews sports from the path of entertainment.

This year, things outside the field of play have been featured even more than ever before.

The pop superstar is to blame for this Taylor Swift. His relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs star player Travis Kelce with has really confused the heads of the Americans.

Swift has been watched with a magnifying glass every time she is in the stands cheering on Kelce and the Chiefs. It has enraged some of the most passionate true fans, but Swift has also expanded the already super-popular NFL’s fanbase enormously.

This time, too, the cameras relentlessly followed Swift in the stadium, who had rushed to the place from the other side of the world from her concert in Tokyo.

The night finally ended with a wild celebration by the Chiefs, Kelce and Swift.

Despite the dramatic overtime win, Kelce doesn’t really get a clean slate.

Chiefs the offense had a lot of trouble getting their game going.

At the beginning of the second quarter, when the most promising attack until then had failed due to a teammate’s fumble, Kelce was furious on the sideline, head coach red-faced For Andy Reid.

Kelce even booed the 65-year-old coach who had taken him off the court for a while. One of the countless TV cameras was ready to record the incident.

Although emotions often run wild in a physical sport, everything has its limits.

About the star player the hot-blooded side, which is rarely seen nowadays, took over. When he was younger, Kelce, for example, flew out of an NFL game onto the field after throwing a towel at the referee.

Kelce’s contribution in the Super Bowl was twofold. In the first half, the star, who miserably only had a one-yard catch, fizzled out properly after the break. Nine catches, 93 yards.

Kelce’s season was the weakest of his career anyway, although the statistics would still be excellent for a more ordinary player. For an inside linebacker, 34 years of age and ten NFL seasons are numbers that usually mean an inexorable decline.

Although the incident was probably quickly forgotten within the team, was Kelcen the behavior is still childish and really disrespectful.

Reid, a highly regarded coaching legend, does not deserve such treatment, even if someone dislikes a single decision he makes.

Kelce’s reputation inevitably took at least a small hit. Millions of viewers are wondering if the lover of Swift, who is also known as “America’s Goldilocks”, is basically an arrogant jerk?

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