Biathlon | The medalist broke down in tears on the podium – received sad news in the middle of the Games

Biathlon In Sunday’s pursuit of the World Cup, we saw Norway’s dominance, as the fjord country took a triple victory. The most emotional reaction after the race was seen by the bronze medal winner Vetle from Sjåstad Christiansen.

Christiansen was in tears at the award ceremony and even after he gave an interview to the Norwegian media. He revealed to NRK because of the sad news that had been an emotional weekend.

“I lost my grandparents this year during the World Cup, the same as last year. On Friday, my father called and told me that my grandfather had died. It was a bit difficult to get myself going over the weekend. Two bronze medals was more than I thought,” said Christiansen.

Christiansen was also third in the sprint race, based on the results of which the chase was started.

He said that his grandfather was still sitting in front of the TV on Wednesday, when they competed in the mixed relay. Christiansen did not fit into the Norwegian team.

“He had been told that he had to wait until the weekend, because then I would be with him. But he couldn’t get there,” Christiansen said.

Christiansen said that the weekend still contained some good moments, when warm memories flooded his mind.

“It was nice to walk around here remembering him.”

The race won Johannes Thingnes Bø was impressed by how well Christiansen was able to perform in the midst of his grief.

“I think it gives perspective to things and the World Cup doesn’t seem so important. I think both grandparents are sitting on the edge of a cloud enjoying biathlon and drinking a cup of coffee while cheering on their grandchildren,” said Bø.

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