Biathlon | A Swedish journalist slammed the miserable conditions of the World Cup: “People coming here voluntarily is beyond my understanding”

in Sweden is not happy about the biathlon world championships that are going on.

Aftonbladet supplier Andreas Käck released a full-sided one About the World Championships in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

“Nove Mesto, that’s why this village evil is called. Rather, hell on earth,” the reporter quipped.

His report in the middle of the games sounded so harsh that the mental tendon must be at the breaking point, if not already.

“Food: crap. Weather: crap. Sweden’s success: no. Audience: full five pluses. In the absence of other pleasures, the audience deserves the MVP of the entire World Cup.”

MVP loosely means the award for the most valuable performer of the games.

To the games more than 200,000 admission tickets have been sold, despite the dire conditions.

“The fact that people come here voluntarily is beyond my understanding. Maybe serving alcohol makes it easier. On Saturday, a drunk was standing outside the arena and threw up. It seems reasonable, because that’s how these whole World Cup arrangements feel,” Käck concluded.

Before the opening day of the games, the competitors’ practices had to be canceled after the storm felled trees on the tracks and caused damage to the stadium. The snow is practically only on the slopes, and even that is black in places.

It has rained during the games.

Something there were also positive things to say. After all, the journalist praised that the French and Norwegian teams have succeeded well in their ski maintenance in difficult conditions.

Out of the five competitions held so far, France has won three and Norway two.

Sweden’s balance in Nove Mesto is one medal place so far. Sweden achieved 11 medal positions at last year’s World Championships in Germany.

in Finland the ongoing World Cup has not yet caused shouts of joy. So far, Finland’s best ranking is 20th place in the mixed relay. On an individual level, he has performed the best Suvi Minkkinenwho was 29th in Sunday’s pursuit.

Final program

The remaining distances of the World Championships in Nove Mesto:

  • Tue 13.2. 18.10 N Normal trip

  • Wed 14.2. 18.20 M Normal distance

  • Thu 15.2. 19.00 Couple relay

  • Sat 17.2. 14.45 N Message

  • Sat 17.2. 17.30 M Message

  • Sun 18.2. 15.15 N Joint departure

  • Sun 18.2. 17.30 M Departure together

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