Biathlete Bendika: Ski manufacturers have found a great solution at the World Championship

Bendika has shown a very good performance in the competition so far – and . In the sprint, Baiba was both fast and shot well, making only one mistake while standing, which helped her achieve the best result in the history of Latvian women’s biathlon at the world championships.

Bendika called great skis an added bonus that propels you forward. An important contribution to high-quality results is made by Norwegian ski manufacturers, who have found a very good solution for wet weather.

“Previously wet weather was perhaps more ungrateful for us, but this time the service has managed to find a super good option,” said Bendika.

In the chase, Baiba’s shooting did not go well – five mistakes in the first two shootings. Despite this, the 11th place was won at the finish. In both the sprint and the pursuit, Bendika had the seventh fastest ski on the course. In the sprint in the last lap, Baiba was even the second fastest, and in the chase in the final lap she had the third fastest ski.

“The conditions on the track are difficult, and the track is already not easy. With the wet weather, it plays an even bigger role, and you can get a lot in the last lap if you are strong enough and you haven’t spent too much beforehand,” Bendika described the possibilities on the ski track.

After a day’s rest, Bendiks is waiting for the start in the 15-kilometer classic distance with four shootings on Tuesday. Baiba estimates that this time accurate shooting will have more weight to achieve a good result.

“There [klasiskajā distancē] I won’t be able to recover that much with the speed of the ski, so it’s clear to shoot well and keep riding my gonk. I think that physically everything should be fine,” said Bendika.

There are still seven races left until the end of the world championship. On Tuesday, the Latvian Television team will report on current events from Novemesto. All competitions will be shown live on LTV7 and

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