The 20-year-old Alcaraz became the youngest semi-finalist in the tournament since compatriot Rafael Nadal in 2006 and will face world number one Novak Djokovic of Serbia on Saturday as the winner of the Red Group. The second semi-final pair consists of the winner of the Green Group Jannik Sinner from Italy and Medvedev.

World No. 2 Alcaraz fended off both Medvedev break points in the match and took the third-ranked player’s serve once in each set himself. The Wimbledon winner defeated an opponent seven years older for the third time in the fourth match of the year.

Alcaraz defeated Medvedev at the Tournament of Champions and advanced with him to the semifinals

Daniil Medvedev in a duel with Carlos Alcaraz.

“I had to stay strong in my head because I wasn’t doing very well on my serve and he returned amazingly. Luckily I was calm. It was a tough match against a strong opponent,” said Alcaraz, whose abdominal muscle injury prevented him from starting at the Tournament of Champions last year.

In the final duel of the group stage, the two-time winner of the tournament Zverev defeated Rubljov, but due to a worse ratio of sets, he did not advance to the semifinals. Rublev lost hope after his second defeat on Wednesday.

Tennis Tournament of Champions in Turin

hard surface, $15 million endowment

Red group:

Alcaraz (2-Sp.) – Medvedev (3-Rus.) 6:4, 6:4
Zverev (7-Germany) – Rublev (5-Russia) 6:4, 6:4

1. Alcaraz 3 2 1 5:2
2. Medvedev 3 2 1 4:2
3. Zverev 3 2 1 4:3
4. Rublev 3 0 3 0:6

Red group:

Bopanna, Ebden (3-India/Aust.) – Koolhof, N. Skupski (2-Netherlands/Brit.) 6:4, 7:6 (7:5)
Ram, Salisbury (6-USA/Brit.) – Hijikata, Kubler (8-Aust.) 5:7, 6:1, 10:2

1. Ram, Salisbury 3 3 0 6:2
2. Bopanna, Ebden 3 2 1 4:2
3. Koolhof, N. Skupski 3 1 2 3:4
4. Hijikata, Kubler 3 0 3 1:6