The immediate joy that the footballers showed after the whistle was blown at the Andro Stadium in Olomouc was published by a sad newspaper.

It’s a change of feelings, according to Tom Chor, who prevailed in the head-to-head battle. I learned some values ​​because I was here first. I always wanted to leave everything on the hit and pay tribute to the trainer. Unfortunately, you died and I will have to prove it to someone else.

He announced it to us in the cabin and it kind of knocked us out of the celebrations. We were very sorry, added team captain Tom Souek. I would like to thank the coach, it’s been a beautiful five years. Hrm was always helpful and it was a very nice analogy. I would like to wish him only the best.

Even the dog walls in the small stadium could then hear the applause of all the games towards the complete darkness of reality.

Thanks for bringing us all to Euro. I repeatedly said that I stand behind every game and coach, because they did a good job here, added Souek.

A lot of people pointed out the bad things here, you don’t go in a hurry in Esk and you quickly forget the good things, which is code. Because this team is very high-quality, including the implementation, said Chor.

They combined the two emotions in their post-match interviews. On the one hand, they were responsible for the big rush, on the other, they were fighting with the five-year-old Roo Ilhavo.

A message that spoils the celebrations for the players. Coach, thank you, captain Souček told Šilhavé

Tomov Chor and Souek celebrated their promotion to the European Football Championship with their fans in Olomouc.

I would like to comment on it somehow, but that would take a long time, avoided David Doudra, the goalkeeper of the water goal. The qualified cycle has evolved in a certain way. And the three decided, in short, that it would end like this.

The implementation team was not helped by the fluctuating results or Saturday’s afro of the representative in the Olomouc non club. Coupled with a lot of public criticism, Kou Ilhav, who only had a new contract with the national team until the end of November, could not stand the pressure and announced his resignation.

The national team will be led by a different team at Euro 2024 in Germany.

But we are happy that we advanced, because we had such a goal since the beginning of the year. It was up and down, but we managed it. For us it was tk. Mainly for the reason that we knew we were so close to the dream ampiont, where we all wanted to get to. We are glad we made it, added Souek.