Dan Marian was in court for a new term of a trial with journalists from Vaslui, in which he and his wife were injured parties, accusing the press articles in which their names were involved.

He showed the middle finger to the reporters, then came back and showed all the fingers of his left hand.

“You see him, right? It’s in the middle. There are five fingers. If you film me again, I’ll show you the one in the middle! You know, right? You are still insensible,” said vice-president CJ Vaslui, according to the images posted by “Vremea Nouă” on YouTube.

Dan Marian is not a PSD member, but he is part of a majority of the CJ Vaslui formed by PSD and Pro Romania since 2020, according to Libertatea information.

The relationship between Dan Marian and journalists has been strained for a long time. Last year, the Vremea Nouă publication called his son to ask for his point of view, after he was fined following a control carried out by the Vaslui Economic Police. The vice president of the County Council called the reporters, trying to explain that his son is not guilty and used suburban language, according to the cited publication.