Ukraine: Sniper kills from 3.8 kilometers

SBU reports new world record
Ukraine: Sniper kills from 3.8 kilometers

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Six years ago, a Canadian sniper in Iraq killed at a distance of more than 3.5 kilometers. Apparently a Ukrainian is now surpassing this mark. According to information from Kiev, an intelligence officer hit his target at a distance of 3.8 kilometers.

According to official information, a sniper from the Ukrainian domestic secret service SBU shot a Russian soldier at the front from a distance of 3,800 meters. The previous world record for a fatal hit by a sniper, set in 2017 by a , is 3,540 meters.

As the state news agency reported, citing the secret service’s press service, the special forces officer used a Ukrainian multi-caliber rifle named Volodar Obriyu (in English: Lord of Heaven) to make the fatal shot. The projectile used is said to be a .50 caliber cartridge.

“The SBU snipers are rewriting the rules of international sniping and demonstrating unprecedented capabilities to operate at considerable distances,” Ukrinform quoted an official statement as saying. A video circulating on social media is said to show the sniper operation. It is unclear when and where the clip was recorded. The information cannot be independently verified.

In November 2022, the Ukrainian Center for Strategic Communications, citing the military, reported the elimination of a Russian soldier from 2,710 meters away by a National Guard sniper.

It is extremely difficult to hit with a rifle under operating conditions from such a great distance. Any breath of wind can deviate the bullet from the calculated ballistic curve. In addition, the projectile travels for several seconds, making hits on moving targets almost impossible.

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