Turnout | The turnout in the second round was 70.7 percent

in Finland the turnout of resident Finnish citizens in the second round of the presidential election was 70.7 percent.

46.4 percent voted in advance, and 24.3 percent on election day, according to the Ministry of Justice’s election and results service by.

Finnish citizens living in Finland voted 1,986,882 in advance and 1,040,880 on election day.

The voting percentage of Finns abroad was 16.6.

When all eligible voters are included, the voting percentage in the second round was 67.6.

On the first one in the round, the turnout for Finnish citizens living in Finland was 75.0 percent.

44.7 percent of Finnish citizens living in Finland voted in the first round and 30.3 percent on election day.

At that time, the voting activity of Finns abroad remained at 16.1 percent.

Voting activity taking all votes into account was 71.5 percent in the first round, the results and information service of the Ministry of Justice tells.

In advance estimates many experts predicted that in the second round the voting activity as a whole – that is, for those who voted in advance and on the election day – would decrease, because many supporters of the candidate who was eliminated from the game were thought to abstain from voting in the second round.

Especially for the candidate of basic Finns Jussi Halla-ahon and the People’s Movement candidate Olli Rehnin and the behavior of voters in the center and their exclusion from the second round were estimated.

Tight in election situations, the turnout has tended to increase.

The first direct national election was held in 1994. Then Martti Ahtisaari won in the second round Elisabeth Rehn. The turnout was a record high in both rounds. Ahtisaari finally got 53.9 percent of voices.

In 2000, the turnout increased in the second round, when Tarja Halonen won Esko Ahon by 51.6–48.4 percent.

A year In the 2006 elections, Tarja Halonen and Sauli Niinistön in the second round, the turnout rose to 77.2 percent from 73.9 percent in the first round.

In 2012, Sauli Niinistö and Pekka Haavisto faced each other in the second round.

Then Niinistö was a clear early favorite against Haavisto. In the second round, the turnout dropped from 72.8% in the first round to 68.9%.

In 2016, Niinistö was selected in the first round.

A year In the first round of the 2024 presidential election, the coalition candidate received the most votes Alexander Stubb. Statistics Finland by he received 27.2 percent of the vote.

Second in the first round was the candidate of the association of voters Pekka Haavisto with a 25.8 percent vote share.

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