Tucker Carlson: “Leadership requires killing people”

After criticism of Putin interview
Tucker Carlson: “Leadership requires killing people”

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Tucker Carlson was the first Western journalist to interview Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin since the start of Russia’s war of aggression – and received a lot of criticism for it. At the World Government Summit, the 54-year-old defends his interview and once again defends Putin.

After his controversial interview with Vladimir Putin, at the World Government Summit in Dubai, US presenter Tucker Carlson re-sworn not only the way he conducted the conversation, but also the Russian president. When asked by a moderator why the 54-year-old did not speak to Putin “about freedom of expression, about Navalny, about murders and restrictions on the opposition in the coming elections,” the US journalist replied, according to the Russian exile media Meduza: “I “I didn’t talk about the things that every other American media talks about.”

Carlson also adds: “I’ve spent my life talking to people who run different countries. Every head of state kills people – including my country,” Carlson said. He admitted that some would kill more than others. At the same time, he also made it clear: “I’m sorry, but leadership requires killing people. That’s why I don’t want to be head of state.”

In addition, the former Fox News presenter is convinced, based on his conversation with the Kremlin leader, that Putin is willing to compromise on the Ukraine war. He also admitted that he also had unofficial conversations with him during his stay in Russia. At the conference in Dubai, Carlson also raved about the Russian capital. Moscow is “so much more beautiful and safer than any city in my country.” The architecture, food and services are better than any city in the United States.

Carlson was the first Western journalist to interview Putin in Moscow since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine began almost two years ago. The interview aired on Carlson’s website. He is known for spreading conspiracy theories and was fired last year from the ultra-conservative US broadcaster Fox News, whose figurehead he had been for years. Carlson represents sharply right-wing positions – and, with regard to the Ukraine war, stands for a very Russia-friendly and Kiev-critical stance. He has repeatedly criticized US aid to Ukraine.

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