The Police Responded After Almost One Month to the AUR Deputy Who Disappeared Klaus Iohannis

Parliamentarian Adrian Axinia submitted on January 18, at the 17th Police Department, a “request to declare the disappearance” of President Klaus Iohannis, the reason being that the head of state “has not come to work since December 18, 2023, failing to fulfill his obligations legal rights that belong to him from the job description”.

The police responded after almost a month to the AUR deputy who reported Klaus Iohannis missing

Four days after filing the notification, Klaus Iohannis made his first public appearance since 2024. On January 22, the head of state received him at the Cotroceni Palace on .

After almost a month, the Police responded to the AUR deputy, the Digi24 website noted. “Regarding your notification registered at the Public Relations department under no. 4445031/18.01.2024 and at the level of the Secretariat compartment under no. 4452061/18.01.2024, we inform you that, following the checks carried out, the reported aspects are not confirmed. We also assure you of our full availability in this way, according to the powers conferred by the legal provisions”, the police said.

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