The new president | “We are not getting any nuclear weapons here,” commented Foreign Minister Valtonen on the nuclear weapons debate during the elections

To come presidential by Alexander Stubb (kok) extensive international contacts bring a lot to Finland’s foreign policy and opportunities for influence, the foreign minister estimates Elina Valtonen (cook) In the HS election studio on Monday.

However, according to Valtonen’s assessment, Stubb’s ascension to the presidency will not greatly change Finland’s foreign policy, as there is already a broad consensus on key issues in foreign and security policy.

However, Valtonen hopes for a more diverse discussion on this consensus in the future.

Now that we are a strongly Western country, we don’t need as strong a consensus in our discussions as before, Valtonen said.

To come as the president’s number one priority, he listed, among other things, the much-talked-about NATO-Finland construction.

At the time of the presidential election, the question of whether NATO’s nuclear weapons should be able to be moved on Finnish soil often came up for discussion. Currently, the Nuclear Energy Act prohibits it.

To this, Valtonen stated that there is already an entry in the government program that the law will be reviewed this term. However, NATO membership itself does not require any changes to it.

However, according to Valtonen, nuclear weapons on Finnish soil are not likely.

“We are not getting any nuclear weapons here, there is no point in worrying that anyone would actually ask Finland to keep one,” stated Valtonen.

Stubby as a result, the coalition has a real say in foreign policy, as the party holds the portfolios of the prime minister, foreign minister, and defense minister in addition to the president. The chairman of the parliament’s defense committee is also a member of the coalition.

Valtonen thought this straight line was a great show of trust from the voters. However, he pointed out that there was no strong party political connection in the election of the president, because Stubb has long been outside of Finnish politics.

In Finland, it has also been customary for the president to distance himself from party politics, added Valtonen.

Stubb had been speculated to be the next EU commissioner, if he had not become president. In the studio, Valtose was asked if he could become a commissioner now that Stubb ended up as president.

Valtonen stated that there are many potential candidates for the position of commissioner in the coalition.

“I am very satisfied with my current position. It is an honor to be Finland’s foreign minister,” he said.

From Valtos it was also asked whether Finland would have opportunities to act as some kind of game opener in relation to the war in Ukraine, for example.

Valtonen highlighted Finland’s upcoming presidency of the European Security and Cooperation Organization OSCE. He believed that the organization would play a strong role as a builder of peace in Ukraine in the future.

He also added that Finland, as chairman of the OSCE, should strengthen relations with countries in Europe’s neighborhood that want to sever their relations with Russia and China.

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