The new president | “The cabinet is like a private think tank”: a former insider told about the president’s work in HS’s studio

Military alliance Joining NATO was a special feature of the president’s job, because everything related to it happened in just a few months, stated the former communications manager of the president of the republic, who now works in Ellun Kanoi Jouni Mölsä In the HS election studio on Monday.

Usually, in the president’s job, things are of such a scale that they involve a certain kind of slowness. Preparations for meetings, for example, are long, said Mölsä.

“Probably a world record level in terms of military engagement,” Mölsä described Finland’s NATO membership.

In HS’s election studio, experts analyze the result of Sunday’s presidential election. In the elections, a coalition was elected as the next president of Finland Alexander Stubb.

The outgoing president Sauli Niinistön Mölsä, who was the communications manager of the president of the republic during the period, talked in the studio about what the president’s work is like in practice.

Future President Stubb starts his work at the beginning of March. In the studio, Mölsa was asked what the president’s job is like in practice.

The president’s official workplaces are Mäntyniemi and Presidentinlinna, but normal days are mostly spent in Mäntyniemi, where the president’s workplace is, Mölsä said.

On the other hand, the president’s job involves a lot of traveling, but with modern technology, the president is almost always reachable, said Mölsä.

At the beginning of his season, however, Stubb hardly does his work in Mäntyniemi, because the official residence will be renovated in March.

Presidential the cabinet also plays a big role in the president’s work, the studio said.

When assembling the cabinet, the president should choose people he trusts, Mölsä said. However, the cabinet is only a support, and in the end the president decides things himself.

In HS’s story that appeared over the weekend an anonymous source described the president’s cabinet with the words “like a foreign policy shadow government that no one supervises”.

Mölsä did not sign the idea, but he emphasized that the cabinet will keep in touch with the government and the necessary ministries. In his opinion, the power of the cabinet is not what the anonymous source describes.

“The cabinet is in no way a government or a decision-making body, but a private think tank, (think tank)”, described Mölsä.

Would the cabinet be able to prevent the president’s potentially foolish decisions?

“No, and I don’t think I should. You can put forward your own positions, and the president will decide,” said Mölsä.

In the studio, the considerable popularity of outgoing president Niinistö among the people also emerged. How could Stubb become the same respected leader as Niinistö?

According to Mölsä, he should be himself and rise above party politics to the position of president.

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