The new president | Juro a Finn and an agile cosmopolitan – This is how Risto EJ Penttilä compares Niinistö and Stubb

Finland visibility in the US may increase by Alexander Stubb (kok) with his ascension to the presidency, evaluates the political researcher, CEO of the Nordic West Office Risto EJ Penttilä In the HS election studio on Monday.

“The style in which Finland will be seen in the United States will change. It will be more American than before,” he said.

“It’s not necessarily a bad thing, on the contrary, it can be that Finland is seen even more.”

He justified this by saying that the outgoing president Sauli Niinistö and Stubb are very different in style.

Penttilä described Niinistö as a “juro Finn” who is respected and listened to.

On the other hand, he described Stubb as an “agile cosmopolitan” who is easy to take on the broadcasts of US television channels such as CNN or Fox.

“This without detracting at all from the quieter, traditional approach that Finnish presidents have had.”

Penttilä also considered that defense cooperation in the Nordic countries and Europe will be emphasized if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States. In addition, bilateral relations with the United States will become more prominent, so that, for example, questions about nuclear weapons may become more topical.

The United States can question why Finland is under nuclear protection if Finland does not allow nuclear weapons to be transported in its territory, says Penttilä.

However, Trump’s speeches must be taken with a certain reservation.

“Trump’s speech is between the truth and a lie,” Penttilä assessed.

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