The moment of defeat | “Well, Alexander” – These were Pekka Haavisto’s words to the 13th president of Finland

“Well, Alexandercongratulations to the 13th president of Finland”, Pekka Haavisto congratulated his opponent, Alexander Stubb (kok) after Yle’s forecast came out.

About 94 percent of the votes had been counted at that time.

“Pulinat pois”, Haavisto, supported by the voters’ association and the greens, said in a joint interview at Helsinki City Hall.

He stated that he does not think of politics in terms of victories and disappointments, but that it is more about passion.

“The most important thing is that the elections were held in a good spirit and that Finland is not divided.”

Haavisto did not want to advise Stubb on his future position as president, but rather urged him to listen to his predecessors.

“I believe that my advice has been given during this election battle.”

Stubb won the presidential election with 51.6 percent of the vote. Haavisto got 48.4 percent of the votes.

Haavisto gave a speech to his supporters at his election supervisors in Helsinki Korjaamo an hour and a half after the result was announced. He arrived at the scene of his spouse by Antonio Flores with.

Haavisto was the first to effusively praise his campaign staff.

“I am humbly grateful to all of you. We got this close to the end result we were aiming for,” Haavisto said and drew a gap of a few centimeters with his fingers.

Haavisto also thanked Flores, who, according to Haavisto, first tried to stay as far away from the campaign as possible, but in the fall offered to take a few more weeks off his calendar in order to fully join his spouse.

Next, the new president Stubb stepped onto the supervisors’ stage, as the competitors had agreed after the last exam that they would be the first to become the second supervisors after the results were known.

Stubb praised Haavisto as one of the finest people he had met.

Haavisto expects to return to everyday life on Tuesday, when he heads to the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee as an MP.

According to Haavisto, the campaign was a heavy and long process. In an interview in the evening, he even hinted at the possibility that these elections would be his last.

“If you are asked today if you ever participate in an election, the first answer is no. Not for a while, maybe not ever.”

Haavisto said that he left everything at the polling stations.

“Last night when we arrived from Tampere at 2:30 I thought that everything was done now. Nothing more would have come out of me or the campaign organization.”

Elections towards the end, people from Haavisto set off, for whom the decisive issue was not foreign and security policy, but concern about poverty and regional inequality.

“In recent events, not so much was asked about, for example, the (Finnish-Russian) border.”

Haavisto was not upset that there were no big differences between the candidates in the last weeks either.

On the contrary, he said that he is “a bit conservative” in that he doesn’t want to go looking for sharp differences in foreign and security policy, when the security situation worldwide is difficult.

Haavisto also thanked his opponent Stubb and the other seven candidates from the first round.

Haavisto considered victory unlikely in the interview he gave earlier in the evening at Helsinki City Hall.

“The game is very much clear. This seems like a waste, but let’s see to the end,” he stated.

While entering the City Hall, he stated that there is still a theoretical chance of victory, even though he is behind. However, Haavisto was happy that the result is better than in the polls.

Haavisto praised the atmosphere of the last few days in his campaign and described it as memorable. He said he would be ready to comment on the potential loss once statisticians make sure the situation is clear.

Haavisto there was still a fighting spirit after the results of the preliminary vote were known.

We are starting a little behind, but the game is not lost, Haavisto stated in his supervision at the time.

“We have to wait for the results until the end once again.”

He did not want to analyze the result in more detail.

A long-time expert in election research Sami Borg evaluate in advancethat if there is a difference of at least ten percentage points between the candidates after the preliminary votes have been settled, the result is pretty much known.

Before finding out the result of the preliminary vote, Haavisto said in an interview with HS that the decision moments were exciting as always.

Haavisto described the campaign period as special in the sense that Finland’s security situation is very exceptional compared to previous elections.

Haavisto’s sexual orientation also came up in the discussion, especially in the second round of the elections.

“It was no surprise that the matter came up. I drew attention to the fact that Yleisradio highlighted my sexuality. I was left wondering if the timing was purposeful,” Haavisto said in an interview with HS.

He wondered why the issue wasn’t discussed in the first round. Haavisto was aware that sexual orientation was being discussed on social media, but he himself did not want to participate in the discussion.

“Sexual orientation does not affect the treatment of foreign policy.”

Haavisto believed that he could get votes in the first round supported by the center who dropped out of the presidential race Olli Rehnin and basic Finns Jussi Halla-ahon from supporters.

“There is no party stamp on the forehead of any voter.”

In an interview with Yle Haavisto thanked his team and the campaign staff for collecting supporter cards until the last campaign event on Saturday.

He believed in the bite of his themes, especially in the last days of the election.

Haavisto described his level of excitement as an eight on a scale of one to ten.

“However, in a few minutes it might be nine,” he stated 20 minutes before the preliminary voting results were revealed.

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