Russia is searching for Estonian Prime Minister Kallas

Because of “a criminal matter”
Russia is searching for Estonian Prime Minister Kallas

The Baltic states, as territories formerly occupied by the Soviet Union, are particularly alarmed by the invasion of Ukraine. Estonia’s Prime Minister Kallas supports Kyiv massively. Moscow is now reacting and putting them on a wanted list. Why is unclear.

Russia has put Estonia’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas on a wanted list. This emerges from a note that was posted on the Moscow Interior Ministry website. Accordingly, Kallas is wanted in Russia for “a criminal matter”. No further details were given.

As a result of the Russian war in Ukraine, which has been going on for two years, relations between Moscow and the Baltic states are extremely tense. Kallas is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s harshest critics. She has been at the head of the government in Estonia since 2021.

After her re-election in 2023, Kallas promised closer cooperation with the Baltic and Nordic neighboring states in the coalition agreement – including continued support for Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia. For its own security, Estonia’s defense spending should be at three percent of gross domestic product for four years, it was said in April.

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